P7A and P7B Blog


Friday 8th April:


Here are our certificate winners from the last two weeks. Congratulations.


Our Carrick House Captains have been very busy over the last few weeks organising an Easter Hunt for the whole school. This took place on Tuesday and everyone had a great time. We are so proud of the girls enthusiasm, motivation and fantastic organisational skills. A big thanks to all the other P7’s who helped and supported the girls on Tuesday.

Baking and Movie Day

P7 had a fun day in school today. In the morning, the children worked with a partner to bake 4 Easter Nests. The children started with a basic recipe and customised it to their own preferences. This included adding in extra ingredients of M&Ms, marshmallows and raisins. They all worked well on this tasks and made some delicious looking Easter cakes.

In the afternoon, as another Easter treat, the class watch ’Shrek’ and enjoyed eating their cakes while watching the movie.

Friday 25th March:




P7 have been learning about time this week. They have carried out various time related tasks, including converting AM and PM times to 24 hour time and vice versa. They have played time games on their new ipads and they worked in pairs to read timetables and plan journeys.


P7A have been practising their skills in badminton over the last few weeks. This week we were practising using our backhand when hitting the shuttle cock. We were also focussing on improving our aim by trying to hit cones with the shuttlecock. We then finished off today’s session with a friendly game of badminton with our partners.


Monday 14th – Friday 18th March:


Day One

I’ll be honest, we have some very hyper but absolutely exhausted children (and staff) tonight. We’ve had a little challenge uploading everything so bear with us!

The good news is we arrived in good time after a little stop in Dunkeld.

Making beds was as interesting as ever!

Everyone went out for the afternoon with their instructors, we had dinner, and then there was the night walk! What better way to kick off camp than blind folding them all and leading them through the woods!

And ’most’ of us are now in bed!

P.s. thank you for sending all the sweets! 🙈

Day Two

Just to let you know they are all eating!
Spot the tired faces!

Today was a day full of activities. We don’t think they were expecting to be doing so much in one day! As you’ll see below, some groups were in ’The Gorge’ with others on the ski slope. The Gorge was a doddle compared to the hassle of having to remove all of our wet clothes – the picture of Mrs Moore proves this

Another group went on an epic adventure up ’The Green Loch’. Mountain climbing, hiking and Backstreet Boys singing! What a day!

And tonight we had massive pizza slices for dinner with wedges. And some delightful chocolate brownie and cream for dessert! Then we went on a scavenger hunt for our night activity.

And that… was Day 2!

It’s also worth noting we have 5 million pictures which, thanks to the powers of technology, we’ll be able to share with all of our P7s on their iPads when they’re back! So although you might not see a photo of your child in all the activities – you can bet we’ve got photos of them somewhere!

Day Three

Once again, another busy day! This morning had groups back on the ski slope but they were snowboarding this time. We also had groups visiting local lochs and canoeing!

(For those wondering, these are Mr Brewer’s feet above as he ’supervised’ all the canoeing!)

This afternoon had all of the groups doing the same activity. There was a mix of abseiling, team games and tyroleon over the river – we found out this is a posh name for a zip wire!

As always, we’ve been happy enjoying our free time. The staff also enjoy this time with a cup of tea and biscuits which is why we don’t have too many pictures!

And tonight was amazing – we simply went for a walk…! Trudging through a forest and then sitting silently(ish) under the moonlight and stars was the perfect way to end to the day!

And not to forget our now daily rendition of the Backstreet Boys!

Day Four

Day four – and the tired faces are beginning to show! Despite this, we’ve had another epic day with hikes, abseilling, climbing and more gorge walking on show.

And our evening activities were ’Mumbo Jumbo’ – which involved activities such as ‘who can wear the most clothes’, ’make a human name’ and ’write the word Lagganlia with your feet!’.

Day Five

Just enough time to have warm croissants for breakfast, pack our bags (with varied success), say goodbye to our instructors and head off on the bus!

What a week!

Friday 18th March:

Not everyone went to camp this week. Those of us to stayed in school had lots of fun too. Here are some of the things we got up to!









We started a paper mache project which we will finish next week.


Friday 11th March:


One very special certificate this week from Ms Anderson.


It was International Women’s Day on Tuesday 8th March. Over the course of Monday and Tuesday the children were read stories about amazing women from the past and present day who have overcome adversity and have achieved great things. All of the stories were very inspirational.


Both classes had the opportunity to have a full bike MOT on Tuesday when Dr Bike was in school. All the P7’s now know how to check over their bikes and keep them in good working order.