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Friday 4th March:


Lots of amazing certificate winners again this week. Well done everyone!



We have been investigating different types of shelters used during WW2.

In particular we have been looking at Anderson Shelters. Our STEM challenge was to design and create an Anderson Shelter that was strong enough to withstand a heavy object dropped on it and would comfortably fit six lego characters.

Pirate Puppet Shows

P7 began the year with the topic of Scots Pirates, we carried out many different activities related to this topic but we finished off this topic with writing a script in groups. The children then used their scripts to create a puppet show. They worked really hard on their Scots Pirate Pirate Puppet shows and performed these with fabulous Scots Pirate accents! The shows were really enjoyable and the children had lots of fun with this.

Friday 25 February:


Congratulations to all our fantastic certificate winners this week.


Throughout their time at Carrick Knowe, the P7s have already learned lots about equality and discrimination. As this month is LGBT+ History Month, we marked this occasion with ‘Purple Friday’ by coming into school dressed in purple! We learned a little but more about the discrimination faced by people who identify as LGBT+, we looked at positive role models in this community, and we even designed our own flags, inspired by the original pride flag, with each colour signifying the values that are special to us. At Carrick Knowe, we express and celebrate what makes us unique!


We listened to some wartime songs and had a go at playing a modern song about WW2 using garageband. It was quite tricky but we all really enjoyed it. We then had a go on the glockenspiels. We learned that different beaters created a different sound and we had to use them in a certain way to create a soft sound.

Smoking Prevention Visit

Primary 7 had a visitor into school to share the dangers of tobacco. The children learned lots of interesting facts about cigarettes and the effects that smoking has on the body. The session was very interactive and the class really enjoyed this.

Friday 11th February:


WOW! What a lot of certificate winners this week. Some people even getting 2 or 3. Well done everyone.


This week Primary 7 have been using a variety of sources to find out about evacuation during WW2. They organised the information under suitable headings and the created a persuasive and informative leaflet that could have been distributed to families at the start of the war. They all worked so incredibly hard on this task and were all very successful.


Homophones in P7

Primary 7 have been revising homophones and this week we focussed on ’there, they’re and their’ as this is still a common mistake we make in our writing. Initially we did some class work revising the use of these words, then we worked individually to practise using the correct homophone when writing sentences. Finally, we worked in groups to show our understanding of each word. We used Ipads to capture photos of ourselves and used mark-up to add text to our photos to show when each word would be used.

GYMNASTICS – balancing

riday 4th February:


Scots Art


P7 were challenged to create a gas mask box that was a certain size and that could hold about 1kg in weight. They were successful with the weight element of the challenge but many struggled getting it the correct size.

P7 Show Racism the Red Card

P7 were very lucky to have a visitor into class this week. They had a visitor from ’Show Racism the Red Card’ to discuss what racist behaviour is and how it impacts the lives of others. Lots of great discussion was generated and it really got us all thinking about the experiences of others.

Friday 28th January:


It’s Friday and so it has to be certificate day. Congratulations to all those who received a certificate.


Within reading and our topic of conflict we have been investigating the differences between primary and secondary sources of information. We have been discussing the reliability of certain sources and the use of bias.


We were all really excited to see our buddies again today.


Friday 21st January:

Certificate Winners

Congratulations everyone!

Spelling Fun

This week we used the ipads to practice our spelling as well as our word processing skills.


We have now looked at our experiences and outcomes for this term and have decided on WWII as our context for learning. In P7A we have started a Big Book to display our learning.

This week we have been finding out about the events leading up to WWII and displaying them chronologically on a timeline.

P7A Big Book

Thursday 20th January:


Primary 7 were very lucky this week to benefit from a taster Judo session from ‘Jidel Judo 93’. The children had great fun and really put their full effort into it.

Friday 14th January:


It was great to welcome back all the Primary 7 pupils last week. Despite being a bit chilly in the classrooms, they have all settle back into school life and have been engaged in lots of learning experiences.


One of the first activities of 2022 was to make calendars for the year. Our calendars were themed around seasonal change. To begin with, we used crayon and water colours to create a wax resist showing the changing colours of the 4 seasons over 4 pictures. Next we used mixed media to add further detail to our pictures and add to the seasonal colours. The results were very impressive – the children did an amazing job!

Maths GIFS

Certificate Winners

Well done to all our certificate winners over the last week. 😃