STEM @ Home


We are linking up with the Edinburgh based engineering company ‘Leonardo’ and having a go at some of their STEM@Home challenges!

Each week they are running a STEM challenge competition that you can get involved with, or you might just fancy giving some of these challenges a try without competing!

If you would like to get involved with the challenges you can send photos/videos of entries to Miss Chuwen at If you would also like to get involved with Leonardo’s weekly competition please contact Miss Chuwen for details on how to enter.

LATEST CHALLENGE: Rollercoaster Maker

“This time we would like you to design your own paper or cardboard rollercoaster. We want you to be as creative and weird as you want! It could be free standing, attached to a wall, or it might need something to give it some stability.

You can make it as tall as you want for extra speed or add in some loops for fun! You can test your rollercoaster using a small bouncy ball, a marble or even some rolled up blu tac!”


“If you took a raw egg and dropped it on to the ground it would probably just smash. What we want you to do is to make a parachute that will slow the egg down enough so when it hits the ground it remains intact and unbroken.

You can use whatever materials you have around your house to design your parachute (think cardboard, bubble wrap or packaging). We want your designs to be as creative as possible – the more weird and wonderful the better!”

The amazing engineers have also sent over some STEM activities that you can do at home, including a circular plane design, 2 word searches and a make your own model rocket! You can find these below.