Challenge 8:

Take a weird family photo!

As always, send in any entries to and we’ll get them uploaded onto the website for you.


Challenge 7: Balance the biggest thing on top of your head…

Challenge 6: Wear as many items of clothing as you can.

Challenge 5: Inspired by all the ‘Harry the Hedgehog’ pictures on Mrs Bennett’s blog, take a picture of your teddy / toys (or pet) doing something human.

Challenge 4: Find something in the house that begins with every letter of the alphabet? And then fit them all on a dinner plate!

  • Jaime (P5A)
  • Tom (P6B)

Challenge 3: Draw a self-portrait blindfolded or with your eyes closed!

Challenge 2: Who can build the best fort?!

Challenge 1: Make a vegetable look like a person!