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Education CityLogin details were sent home before Easter in your Learning Packs.
Edinburgh Sound ChartThis is the sound chart that is in EVERY classroom in our school and is used across Edinburgh. It is used to help us with our grapheme markings (dots and dashes). This version also contains prefixes and suffixes.
Spelling Activity IdeasHere is a host of spelling activity ideas to keep the daily spelling practise fresh! Suitable for all levels.
Common Words BookletsAs well as our weekly set words, each child in the school has a common words booklet. Usually they take a group at a time to learn and remember then get tested on them by a teacher or PSA. These books can be found below:
Book 1
Book 2
Book 3
Book 4
Book 5
Book 6
Book 7
Book 8
Book 9
Book 10
EPIC!This is an app with 40,000 digital books and audio books! Right now they’re offering a free 30 day trial or you can email your teacher and they can sort you out with a free child account.
Oxford OwlThe school has subscribed to this site and it offers many Oxford Reading Tree books amongst others. Each class has a username which takes the following form – CarrickP?? – and the password is the teacher’s surname. For example, CarrickP1A, Wallace.
CBeebies – AlphablocksThere are 91 episodes of this programme available here. The ‘letters of the alphabet’ tell stories and make words using phonics. This website also has games, individual clips and colouring pages to print.
Teach Your Monster to ReadThis is a series of games that can help children to learn to read. It covers everything from letters And sounds to reading full sentences. The website version is free if you sign up or there is an app which can be downloaded.
AudibleIf you’d like to have someone read a story to you then have a look on Audible. There’s a fantastic selection of classic and modern audiobooks and right now they’re all free! 
Collins Big Cat e-BooksThis is similar to the Oxford Owl website where there is access to 330+ free Collins Big Cat ebooks as well as a selection of worksheets which can be downloaded to use at home. Suitable for P1-P4 children.
Story StartersIf you’re writing a story then check this out first… Just click the button and you can find BILLIONS of story starters. Just keep clicking until you find one you like!
Pobble365This website gives you one image each day to give you inspiration for writing stories. They come with story starters, questions to get you thinking and sentence challenges. They all get saved so you can go back and choose any of the previous images.
Phonics BloomLots of phonics based games here aimed at the Early primary level. Some games are for subscribers only but there are still lots which can played. Most are compatible with tablets too.
ICT GamesFree to play literacy games which (I believe) are all tablet friendly too. They cover many aspects of literacy including phonics, spelling, handwriting, reading and writing. Lots for P1-P4 children but that doesn’t mean the upper school won’t find the activities useful too. E.g. The Phonics Finder game lets you choose your ‘weekly sound’ and it will create an online wordsearch for you.
DuoLingoThis is a language learning website which can also be downloaded as an app. It’s split into lots of mini bite-size lessons. You could choose a new language or brush up on your French and German which we already learn in school.
Practise French VocabAs it says on the tin… Lots of games for practising French vocab including 4-in-a-row and hangman. There is also ‘Learn’ section of the website where you can learn new French vocab or even give yourself a test!
Languages OnlineThis website is not the best looking but has a number of excellent language resources. You can find a variety of games to practise your chosen language at all levels (e.g. match ups, crosswords, quizzes)