As part of their ‘Eco Committee’ responsibilities, this year the Eco reps will be looking after all of our worms that we have at Carrick Knowe!

An Overview

Every class from Primary 4 to Primary 7 has been given a fruit caddy in order to collect all of our fruit waste! Our ECO reps are responsible for collecting this once each week and using it to feed our worms. If they are not on worm duty, they will empty the caddy onto the compost heap and wash out the box. So our fruit waste will be recycled – it is just that the worms are more efficient and faster at doing it.

If we were to give the worms all the school’s fruit waste and dining hall waste every week, we would end up with obese or even dead worms!

What Our ECO Reps Are Doing

The worms will be fed by our ECO reps every Thursday. As well as this, Mrs Thomson has produced a step-by-step guide for taking care of our wormeries!

1) Drain the sumps and rescue any worms caught in them.

2) Feed them with vegetables from the dining hall and two caddies of fruit.

3) Check the lids are on tight.

4) Check the taps are off.

5) Wash out the fruit caddies and the orange buckets.

6) Wash your hands with soap.