Christmas Fair 2016!



This year our Christmas fair was the best one yet and for that we have many people to thank. First and foremost to our PTA members for spending their lives organising it and giving up every spare minute of their day to help make it a success! But also to:

  • Our Volunteers
  • Our Young Volunteers
  • Our Teachers
  • Our Stall Holders
  • Santa!
  • Our Parents
  • To everyone across the UK who bought a raffle ticket and/or donated a prize
  • And generally to anyone and everyone who was able to turn up!

We hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did and maybe even got yourself a little something from one of our many stalls. Photos from Santa’s Grotto have been posted below as well as a list of our lucky raffle winners.

Are You A Raffle Winner?

We’ve compiled all of our lucky raffle winners into a handy document. Just click below to see them. We have tried our best to contact the winners however if see your name and are still to collect your prize then please contact the school to arrange collection.

All Christmas Fair Raffle Winners 2016

Did You See Santa?

As you may be aware, Santa arrived in style by turning up in a fire engine! He then spent the morning talking to children about their Christmas wishes and handing out a few early Christmas presents. All of our pictures have been posted below, just give them a click to bring them up in a bigger size:

If there are any pictures on here that you wish to be removed. Please email with details of the positioning of the photo. For example: “4th row down, 2nd picture along”