Our School Information


At Carrick Knowe we try to live by our values; Kindness, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility

These values were formed in 2019 after consultation with our parents, staff, children and local community. We’ll be doing lots more work on these in class and during assemblies in the next year or so.

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Carrick Knowe Primary School is situated to the west of Edinburgh. We are a non-denominational school with approximately 350 pupils as well as 120 children enrolled in the nursery.

More information about our school can be found in our school handbook which can be accessed by clicking here.

The catchment high school for Carrick Knowe is Forrester High School. More information about Forrester High School can be found over on their website: http://forresterhighschool.org.uk/

Our school usually follows this timetable however there are sometimes changes at the beginning and end of terms.

Nursery Timetable

Morning Session:

08:30 – Morning session begins

11:40 – Morning session finishes

Afternoon Session

12:20 – Afternoon session begins

15:30 – Afternoon session finishes

Main School Timetable

Monday – Thursday:

08:50 – School begins.

[Any pupil arriving after 8:50 must report to the main office]

10:35 – Morning break begins

10:50 – Morning break finishes

12:15 – P1 and P2 Lunch begins

12:30 – P3 – P7 Lunch begins

13:15 – Lunch break finishes

15:00 – P1 and P2 school day ends

15:15 – P3 – P7 school day ends

Friday Changes:

12:15 – P1 – 2 School day finishes

12:25 – P3 – 7 School day finishes