Empowered Learning at CK

About Empowered Learning:

The ‘Empowered Learning’ programme sees all learners in P6-S6 will be provided with their own iPad to both enhance learning and provide equity at school and at home.

iPads are already used widely in the school and they have so many benefits as we look to prepare our children for a world where having strong digital skills is essential. They often enhance and extend learning in ways that we have been unable to in the past. Further information about the programme can be found by watching the launch video using this link:


Before children can be given an iPad, all parties (the school, learners and parents/carers) must sign a Home-School agreement where they agree to a number of conditions. These conditions cover things such as looking after the iPad, responsible use, damages and possible sanctions. There is a link below which will take you to a Microsoft Form that outlines all of the conditions. As you go through it, you and your child are required to ‘Digitally Sign’ the agreement and this must be done before we can hand out any iPads.

Recent Communications:

Home-School Agreement Link
(for current P6/P7s only):

Click here to view and digitally sign the Home-School agreement

School Policies and Strategy:

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Should children bring iPads to school every day?

There is an expectation that children bring their iPad to school fully charged each day however there may be days where iPads are not used and your child’s teacher will let them know in advance to save them bringing them in on those days.

Children will receive their iPads at the start of P6, but when do we give them back?

After children receive their iPads in P6, they will keep them until the end of P7. At the end of P7, children will hand the iPads back and a new iPad will then be issued by their new High School. We don’t collect them in over the Christmas and Easter holidays however have decided to collect them in over the Summer.

Do they need an Apple ID?

When setting up their iPads, children will be given a ‘Managed Apple ID’. This is different to a usual login as it restricts certain features such as purchasing tools and downloading from the ‘App Store’.

What about passwords and passcodes?

Children will create a password to go with their ‘Managed Apple ID’ when they set up their iPads. Apart from the initial set up, there should be no need for a child to enter this again. If the iPad does ask for an ID and password, then your child’s class teacher will be able to reset it.

Children will choose their own passcodes for their iPad in order to stop any unauthorised use by other children and can also use the ‘Fingerprint ID’. Again, your child’s teacher is able to reset this if they forget it or they get locked out.

There is no App Store. Does this mean my child can’t download any apps?

Children will be able to download specific apps which have been pre-approved by the City of Edinburgh Council. To do this, they will use an app called ‘Self Service’. There is currently a list of 100+ apps covering many curricular areas and this list is being added to all the time.

Is there a way to block my child from accessing things they shouldn’t?

Yes. As well as restricting apps, each iPad has web-filtering enabled which means that children cannot access inappropriate content both in school and at home.

While at school and in the event of any home learning, teachers will have the ability to ‘lock’ iPads as well as restrict the children to only using specific apps. Within the classroom, we’ll also have the ability to access the screens of iPads and this is particularly useful to check everyone is on task!

Something’s gone wrong. What do we do!?

Firstly, don’t panic. Things go wrong and accidents do happen. In the first instance, your child should take their iPad to their class teacher to see if they can solve the problem. They may then wish to pass this on to one of our ‘Tech Team’ in the school.

Normally we are able to fix most problems in school however there may be occasions where we have to send the iPad away for repair, in which case we will get in touch with home beforehand.

Will all work be completed on iPads now?

No – let me assure you that children will not be staring at screens all day! We do hope that by having quick access to devices, that we can build a more creative curriculum with a stronger focus on digital skills – key to the workforce of the future.

What happens if my child forgets to bring their iPad to school?

If your child forgets their iPad, they may have to share with a partner or use more traditional methods (e.g. paper and pencil) to complete tasks. Although we have a set of shared iPads in school, these are currently for the use of our P1-P5 children and it would be unfair to take an iPad from this set.

We will apply appropriate sanctions whenever the iPads are misused and each incident will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. This can range from warnings and not allowing the iPad to be taken home to having the iPad removed.