Parent Council Members


Below you will find the details of all the members of the Parent Council.

You will notice there are also email addresses next to some contacts including our Year Group Reps. If you wish to speak with these people directly, then please use these email addresses. Alternatively, you can use one of the following email addresses to contact us: (for general enquiries) (for fundraising enquiries)

Chair: Linda Swinson –

Vice-Chair: Rachel Kerr –

Secretary: Nico Tyack

Treasurer: Shiv Solway –

Advisor: Gail Canning (Headteacher) –

Year Group Reps:

Nursery Rep (Room 1): VACANT

Nursery Rep (Room 2):  Kate Sher –

P1 Rep:

P2 Rep: Shiv Solway –

P3 Rep: Linda Swinson –

P4 Rep: Joanna McLean –

P5 Rep: Kerry Cleland and Ben Winger –

P6 Rep: Fiona Blair

P7 Rep: Laetitia Wilson –

Other Reps:

Classlist Reps: Kate Sher and Kirsten Ammah

Additional Support Needs Reps: Joanna McLean and Kirsty McGregor

Grants Team: Shiv Solway and Rachel Kerr

Locality Rep: Linda Swinson

Other Members:

• Steven Bryce
• Fiona Shaw
• Joanne Kermack
• Katerina Pelentridou
• Dana Burnside
• Julie Dunn

Co-opted Members:

• Mrs Catriona Iley (Depute Head)
• Mr Shaun Morley (Principal Teacher)
• Mrs Steph Clark (Principal Teacher)