Nursery – Mrs Christie


Friday 3rd April:

Good morning everyone!

A huge well done to you for all your effort these last two weeks. We’ve made it the Easter Holidays, it’ll be a very different holiday feeling, but please take this time to relax with your families. We’ll be back with our Blogs and Facebook posts on Tuesday 21st April.

Thank-you to Mrs Grant’s great alternative Joe Wicks exercise idea. Our children love to create their own obstacle courses outside at Nursery. If you’ve got some chalk you could create your own for your family. Could you draw one on the pavement outside your house, for others to do if they are on a walk.

I decided to give my eggs an Easter look today, if you want to do the same ask an adult to boil your eggs for about 6 minutes- while they are boiling you could listen to Mrs McCann’s Easter story…

I painted my eggs, but you could use pens!

Some people like to roll their eggs at Easter you could do the same in your garden, or you could make an obstacle course for your egg. If you don’t want to roll your egg you could find something else to roll maybe a ball or indoors a rolled up pair of socks.

Another easy Easter craft using a toilet roll tube for printing you can make your own Easter chicks and bunnies, or you could create another animal of your choice.

After Easter we are going to continue to have a focus each week, we have decided this will be a Rhyme of the Week which the children will be invited to vote for each Friday. The link below is for the Rhyme focus for the week 21st April please vote! We are also going to post more story videos from different member of staff so you still get to see our faces.

We hope you and your families have a lovely Easter break.

From everyone in the Nursery.

Thursday 2nd April:

Good morning, we hope you had fun with your Scavenger Hunts.

After going out and looking for signs of Spring yesterday, it made me think about what the Nursery garden looks like in Spring and what we might be doing. We always have lots of beautiful daffodils in our garden, which we would be using to draw and paint pictures of. Today you could draw a Spring picture for someone in your house or you could post a picture to a member of your family or a friend to help cheer them up. Remember to put your name on it so they know who it’s from.

Another thing we are very lucky to have in our Nursery garden is a pond and usually in Spring Time we start to spot tadpoles and see the mummy frog popping up from the water to say hello.

We also start to see bees, butterflies and ladybirds– you are all very good at finding bugs in our garden. Maybe you could look out for these in your gardens.

I decided to keep my 3 stones from yesterday and make some Spring inspired art. Firstly I gave them a good wash in soapy water once they were dry I painted them and left them to dry then added in some details.

Once they are finished you could make houses for them, make-up a story about them or you could take them out to play in the garden.

I’ve attached a link to a Spring song you may wish to join in with.

Here are a few frog jokes for you:

What do you get when you cross a frog and a bunny?
(A ribbit!)

What is a frog’s favourite cold drink?

Have a great day, please keep sharing what you have been up to. It’s been lovely to see.

From everyone in the Nursery.

Wednesday 1st April:

Good morning everyone, we hope you had fun creating your houses for The Three Little Pigs, or if you made one for The Big Bad Wolf. 

Today I’ve combined two things we love in Nursery, binoculars or telescopes and Scavenger hunts. If you’ve been out in your garden or for a walk you may have noticed some signs of Spring popping up. Here are two scavenger hunts you could try one is a Spring one and one a Rainbow one.

As part of my time outside I went for a walk and went on a Scavenger hunt in the local park. I made a pair of rainbow binoculars from a tube I had in the recycling, you could make your own. I also made my own Scavenger Hunt maybe you could too. Once I found all the things on my list, I made a picture with my objects, a face and a house. Please remember to wash your hands after touching your objects especially if you get them from a park.

Have fun with your Scavenger Hunts, your binoculars and telescopes can be used for lots of other games, finding shapes, numbers, letters, yellow things, things for the letters in your name, maybe you could use them to play a game with someone at home and you could ask them to find things for you too.

Have a great day, keep smiling and having fun.

From everyone in the Nursery

Tuesday 31st March:

Good Morning to all the children in the Nursery.

We hope you had a great Monday, it was great to hear and see some of you enjoying our story, and to also see the fantastic things you’ve been up to planting seeds, painting rainbows, practising your writing and baking lots of yummy cakes!

Something else we miss seeing at Nursery are your creations made from our construction or junk at gluing- you all have amazing imaginations.

Today’s activities linked to our Three Little pigs story; can you draw or build a new house for the pigs from what you have at home (Lego, wooden bricks, recycling etc), or can you design a house for the wolf, I wonder what kind of house he would live in??? Or can you create a ‘house/den’ that you can fit inside, maybe you could enjoy the story inside your house/den.

Mrs Grant’s son Jamie had a go at today’s activity and created his own characters from stones and built his house out of Lego- amazing!

We know how hard some of the children are finding it, not being able to see and play with their friends. Attached is a link to a story about a bear which might help to explain social distancing.

We look forward to seeing all your creations.

From Everyone in the Nursery

Monday 30th March:

Good Morning, we hope you all had a good weekend, and managed to get outdoors for some exercise/fresh air. It was lovely to see the comments from the videos we posted to you.

A favourite activity in Nursery on a Monday morning is to help make play dough for the week. Why not make some this week it’s a fantastic activity that allows children to use their imagination and develop their fine motor skills. You could make your own Three Little pigs, or the Big bad wolf and use them to retell the story. I’ve added a link to an easy recipe.

Here is a link to a few interesting facts about pigs.

We hope you all have a great Monday, and keep sharing what you’ve been up to.

From everyone in the Nursery.

Friday 27th March:

Good morning everyone,

We’ve all made it Friday – well done! You and your parents/carers have put in an amazing effort this last week. Thank you for sharing everything you’ve been up to on our Nursery Facebook page and through Learning Journals.

A few questions we’ve had from parent’s the last few days have been:

Do you have an easy baking, recipes to follow?

I’ve attached a couple of links below and the second one is very good if you are low on flour.

What can we do to help develop fine motor skills?

There are so many activities to help with this playdough, construction, lego, puzzles, finger rhymes, puppets, throwing and catching balls, beanbags, helping to dress yourselves doing up buttons and zips, to name a few- below is a link to a site with lots more. This is something I can focus on over the coming weeks.

Wish you could go to the Zoo, well the Zoo can come to you-

You can watch the live webcams at home and see some of your favourite zoo animals you could pick a favourite animal and draw or paint us a picture.

Or why not have a Tiger come for tea, I had an extra hungry guest last night.

Search for your animal in Google, scroll down a bit to ‘view in 3D’, your very own zoo at home.

I hope your guests behave themselves!

Next week-

We love to read and listen to stories at Nursery, you get to vote on our focus book, so we thought we’d continue that. Please use the link and vote on your favourite book and we will do a bit of a focus on the winning book next week. The vote is open 9am until 5pm today.

Stay Safe over the weekend and we look forward to finding out the winning book on Monday.

From everyone at the Nursery.

Thursday 26th March:

Good Morning

We hope you’re all keeping safe, the Nursery ladies had our usual Wednesday lunchtime meeting yesterday but was a little bit different doing it from our houses and through the computer. We were all saying how it’s so lovely to see you all smiling and having fun at home trying out a few of your home activities.

We love allowing you to be as independent as you can in Nursery and snack time is something you lead from planning out our menus and then helping to make it.

Today maybe you could help plan a snack and help make it, can you design the menu for what you are having. Remember to add your dots to show how much of each item you can have.

Someone at home could help you with the writing, or some of you might want to try do the writing too, remember your name at the bottom!

In keeping with the food theme you could try a Cosmic Yoga session about a banana.

Keep Smiling and Stay Safe!

From everyone at the Nursery

Wednesday 25th March:

Good morning to all our Nursery children.

It has been great to see what you’ve all been up to, you are all doing an amazing job! Keeping Fit with Joe Wicks, creating rainbows, taking on Lego Challenges, making your own playdough, baking, construction tasks and so much more.

The one thing we’re all missing is being able to play (as well as being told we’ve to be a Mermaid, Prince, come to their Hairdressers), read stories and sing songs with all of you.

The last few weeks in Nursery the children have enjoyed playing ‘Grouptime’ and pretending to be the teachers reading stories to each other and choosing and singing rhymes. Our children love to lead their own learning in the Nursery.

Today why not get a group of your toys and read them your favourite story and teach them some rhymes. You could get some of your teddies or toys involved to be your currant buns, speckled frogs, little monkeys, you could make your own props to go with them to if you like.

I’ve added a link to some Nursery Rhymes for you to sing along with too.

Keep being awesome and kind.

From everyone at the Nursery!

Tuesday 24th March:

Good morning to everyone in the Nursery!

We hope you all had a good day yesterday and were kind to your teachers.

After the energising start yesterday, today you could complete a Yoga session with Cosmic Kids Yoga. There are some fantastic stories acted out through Yoga including:

– Trolls
– Frozen
– Minecraft
– and Star Wars to name a few.

Just click on the link below to had over the website:


Monday 23rd March:

Good Morning, to all the Nursery children, it’s a very different Monday morning for us all. All the Nursery ladies are going to miss your faces today.

Let’s start the week off with some positive vibes why not try some exercise with Joe Wicks at 9am, Joe is going to deliver exercise classes for children on his Youtube Channel, The Body Coach TV (link below):

Rainbow Art: If you’ve been out for a walk recently you may have spotted some rainbows in people’s windows, why not create a rainbow today and put it in a window in your house to help brighten up someone’s day. If you go out for a walk, you could see how many other rainbows you can spot.

We would love to see your rainbows, you could put a photo of it onto your Home Achievements on your Learning Journals.