Our Uniform


All pupils are expected to wear school uniform each day. Please check out the gallery below for pictures of our uniform as well as prices. Uniform must be ordered using the ‘Uniform Order Form’ at the bottom of the page and be sent into school with the correct money.

NOTE: Uniform is not sold by our office staff and should only be ordered using the order forms from the PTA (one has been attached below). Uniform orders are handed at several points throughout the year and are also available at the school office.


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Pupils must wear either a plain shirt or polo shirt with plain dark coloured jumper over the top. School polo shirts and jumpers are preferred although we do allow hoodies with the school badge.

Pupils must wear plain dark trousers, skirts or shorts.

From October to March all pupil must bring a jacket or coat to school. If a pupil does not come to school with a jacket or coat they may not be allowed to go outside during breaks.