P7 To Forrester Transition

Forrester High School

The catchment high school for Carrick Knowe is Forrester High School. More information about Forrester High School can be found over on their website: http://forresterhighschool.org.uk/

Before starting High School it is normal to have questions, queries and anxieties – for parents and children! The Forrest Parent Council has compiled some information we think you may find useful below. You can also click here to view and/or print a PDF version of this information.

Moving up to High School is a big step for your young person, and for you too!

It is very different from Primary school.  Your young person will be given increasing levels of responsibility for their own learning, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be just as involved. Parents always have a role.

To help with YOUR move to High School, Forrester Parent Council has compiled some information we think you will find useful.  It is a work in progress – if you have anything you would like to see added, please let us know at forresterpc@gmail.com

School times

  • School starts at 8:30am. A warning bell sounds at 8:25am.
  • It is really important to encourage your young person to get to school in good time.
  • School ends at 3:30pm, Monday to Thursday and 12:25 on Fridays.

School website

  • Forrester High School has a useful website; forresterhighschool.org.uk
  • Included in the website; calendar of events, contact details & curriculum information
  • There is also a dedicated section for the Parent Council.

Forrester HS app

  • FHS has a school app which can be downloaded from the Apple & Google Play Store.
  • You can keep in touch with all events, news & receive important messages.
  • To download the app search ‘SSA’ or ‘SSA Apps Central’. Once you have opened the app, just search for ‘Forrester High’

School Uniform

  • The school has a dress code. Details can be found on the school website under the ‘The School’ & then ‘Dress Code’.
  • Uniform orders can only be made on-line. School uniform is not available to be purchased at the school.
  • Details of how to order will be shared with the feeder primary schools after the Easter break, along with sample items of uniform. Arrangements can be made to have the uniform order delivered to the primary school.
  • Forrester High School staff encourage the wearing of FHS Dress Code on the 3 day transition event in June.


  • A wide variety of food and drink is available in the school cafeteria and you can buy a two course lunch for £2.60, or purchased to the value of £2.60 if your child receives free school meals.
  • The cafeteria operates a cashless system; use ParentPay to top up your child’s Young Scot card, enabling them to buy food.
  • Temporary cards can be obtained should your young person misplace their cards.
  • Canteen facilities are not available on the transition days in June.

Sugar Free Zone

  • Forrester High School is a sugar free zone and actively discourages drinking of any fizzy, high sugar, energy drinks on the school grounds or in the school building.
  • There are a number of water fountains around the school and young people are encouraged to bring their own water bottles, topping them up at appropriate times throughout the school day.


  • Forrester operates a cashless system for all transactions, including school meals, trips and items such as Home Economics and CDT.
  • The school will provide details on how to register for ParentPay.


  • The school has a bank of lockers that can be made available to pupils. Once your young person has started at Forrester, they will be given information about how they can secure a locker for their belongings. These can help them enormously to manage their school books and equipment effectively.

Young Scot Card

  • These are usually issued via the primary school and are used in Forrester as the means to access school meals via our cashless catering system. There are boundless benefits for having and using a Young Scot card outwith school, so it is important that your young person does access this and keeps it in a safe place.

Asking for help

  • If you have queries, concerns or issues about your child’s time at Forrester, please contact your young person’s Pupil Support Leader.
  • Your child’s Pupil Support Leader (PSL) will be known to you on allocation of their House class, shared on transition days in June.

Contact numbers


Forrester Parent Council

  • Forrester Parent Council is open to all parents and carers. Meetings are posted on the school website and take place five or six times per year.  We work with the school on activities that help support the welfare and education of our young people.  We welcome new members at any time, but do feel free to come along without fear of having to make any commitments!