School Lunches


All lunch orders must now be made using ParentPay and be submitted no later than midnight on a Wednesday.

Please click the ‘Fruit and Veg Crew’ below to sign in and make your order.


A small number of parents order late or do not order at all and expect lunches to be provided for their child. This is causing some major distresses for children when their names are not on the lunch list. Please note: our lunches are made to order therefore a jacket potato will be the only choice available if a specific lunch is not ordered.

What’s on the menu this term?

Please find a link below to our Spring Term Menu.
Alternatively, the menu is available on the Edinburgh Council Website:

What should I do about special dietary requirements?

Below you will find all allergen and nutritional information for our school lunches. If your child has special dietary requirements, please complete the ‘Diet Referral’ form below and return it to the school as soon as possible. This will then allow us to contact the catering supervisor who will work on putting a special diet in place.

Do you have more information about Free School Meals?

More information about free school meals can be found on the council website by clicking here: