Whole School Letters


We are very aware that some letters have a tendency of going missing during the short trip from school to home!

Below you will find all the links to any letters that have been sent out by the school. Any stage specific letter can be found using our other links in the ‘Latest Letters’ section. At the bottom of the page are also documents relating to various health issues that are common in schools including head lice.

We are sending out more letters than usual right now which means this page was becoming a bit overwhelming! Normally we would keep all letters on here however we will do our best to remove letters as and when they become out of date.

Whole School Letters

Annual Permission Forms

KICannual (Yearly Consent Form)

KICmed (Medical Attachment if required)

Photography and Video Permission

Health Guidance Letters

Norovirus Advice

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease Advice

Head Lice Guidance

Mumps Information (link to NHS website)

NHS Guidance on Noval Coronavirus