Our Staff


Senior Leadership Team

Head Teacher – Mr A Hunter

Depute Head Teacher – Mrs C Iley

Principal Teachers – Mr A Blaikie, Mr S Morley and Ms L Inglis

Business Manager – Mrs L Adam

Nursery Teacher

Ms Edwards

Primary 1 Teachers

P1A – Mrs Henderson and Mrs Buchanan

P1B – Miss Sanderson

Primary 2 Teachers

P1/2 – Mrs Bruce

P2A – Miss Strahan

Primary 3 Teachers

P3A – Mrs Bennett

P3B – Mrs Moffat and Mrs Kane

Primary 4 Teachers

P4A – Mr Wallace

P4B – Ms Mathieson

P4C – Mr Brewer

Primary 5 Teachers

P5A – Ms Pincock

P5B – Mr O’Connell

Primary 6 Teachers

P6A – Mr Hay and Mrs Anderson

P6B – Mr Blaikie

Primary 7 Teachers

P7A – Mrs MacLennan

P7B – Mrs Mitchell and Mr Morley

Additional Support for Learning Teacher

Mrs Dale

Specialist Teachers

Modern Foreign Language – Mr Wallace

RME – Mr Malone

PE – Ms Anderson

Art – Mr Gonzalez

Viola – Mr Harvath

Pupil Support Assistants

Mrs Crawford

Mrs Rodger

Mrs Dalley

Mrs Ross

Mrs Duff

Mrs Roxburgh

Mrs Grierson

Mrs Centola

Mrs McCormack

Miss Owenson

Early Years Officer

Miss Davie

Early Years Practitioners

Miss Crawford

Mrs Cooper

Mrs Harris

Mrs Lindsay

Mrs McCann

Ms Doig

Mrs Grant

Office and Support Staff

Mrs Matear

Mr Millar

First Aid

Mrs Moir & Mrs Rodger