P7 Camp (Day 5)

It’s time to say goodbye! We had some warm croissants this morning for our breakfast and then it was a case of packing up, cleaning up and having our final meeting with Scrutts!

And of course there was time for one last group shot!


P7 Camp (Day 4)

Once again we’ve had another exciting day at camp!

A number of activities took place this morning including lots of gorge walking and a nice mountain climb for one group with some AMAZING views of the Cairngorms.

This afternoon also saw lots more groups on the ski slope and there was a bit of fire making too!

For the night activity it was disco time but for those not wanting the bright lights and loud music of the disco room there was also a couple of break-off rooms for them to play table tennis, draw, play cards, play ‘Bop It’ or just have a good old natter with their mates!

P7 Camp (Day 3)

Another exciting day and even more pictures of our activities. Everyone is having the best time ever, trying new things and giving everything a go!

Free time has also been a highlight for most people and it has been great to see different people mingling together.

For those who were worried about our eating habits while we’re away, it was Steak Pie or Mac ‘n’ Cheese tonight. There was people queuing up for seconds so it’s safe to say it went down a treat!

P7 Camp (Day 2)

Day 2 started very early for some… Too early for the teachers! Some children were getting up and showered at 6am!

This was our first full day of activities and included a 10km canoe, abseiling, skiing, climbing,  orienteering and gorge walking.

We’ve put a small collection of pictures below but, as always, there was no pictures of the gorge walk as only a fool would risk their iPhone down at the gorge!

And for the night activity it was the ‘Night Walk’. 45 blindfolded P7s trying to meander their way through a forest in pitch black!

P7 Camp (Day 1)

Well what a first day it has been. Before we arrived,our day started with our coach trip this morning and a little stop in Dunkeld for those with weak bladders!

We then had lots of fun making/destroying our beds!

We ate food and look forward to our bacon rolls in the morning and Spag Bol for dinner!

And we ended the day with a scavenger hunt to familiarise ourselves with the grounds.

Giving the already hyper P7s hot chocolate and a chocolate biscuit before bed was probably not the wisest of ideas but they were all asleep by…. 11pm!