P7 Camp (Day 2)

Day 2 started very early for some… Too early for the teachers! Some children were getting up and showered at 6am!

This was our first full day of activities and included a 10km canoe, abseiling, skiing, climbing,  orienteering and gorge walking.

We’ve put a small collection of pictures below but, as always, there was no pictures of the gorge walk as only a fool would risk their iPhone down at the gorge!


And for the night activity it was the ‘Night Walk’. 45 blindfolded P7s trying to meander their way through a forest in pitch black!

P7 Camp (Day 1)

Well what a first day it has been. Before we arrived,our day started with our coach trip this morning and a little stop in Dunkeld for those with weak bladders!


We then had lots of fun making/destroying our beds!


We ate food and look forward to our bacon rolls in the morning and Spag Bol for dinner!


And we ended the day with a scavenger hunt to familiarise ourselves with the grounds.


Giving the already hyper P7s hot chocolate and a chocolate biscuit before bed was probably not the wisest of ideas but they were all asleep by…. 11pm!