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May the angels whirl and twirl!

Fred Frog’s P3 friends enjoyed making some angels to whirl and twirl and join the Christmas decorations at home. Our story for the purple ir sound is whirl and twirl

RWInc angels whirl and twirl 001

Can you spot the alien angel?! Maybe she is responsible for scaring away the friendly red alien who until recently was on the door of the P3A classroom?! 

OTHER NEWS! …. At this time of the year, many of us enjoy making a calendar ready to use in the NEW YEAR which is coming soon! DID YOU KNOW?!…. It will soon be the year 2020! Recently one of our pupils has been fantastically CREATIVE while making his 2020 calendar. Our Superhero of the Month, CREATIVE  CAMERON noticed Gabriel’s super effort and creative ideas, so he was rewarded a certificate and went to visit Mrs Clark, our Growth Mindset Superhero Teacher! WELL DONE Gabriel! 

Gabriel creative cameron 001