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Doctor Who in P6 and P7

This week Primary 6 and 7 have been looking at diversity and equality and used the latest Doctor Who episode to provide us with our inspiration. The episode focused on Rosa Parks and her fight for equality and against racism.

The biggest moments of these lessons was watching some clips (Thanks BBC!) and listening to the discussions between the children and hearing them recognise that these issues still affect people in 2018.

To describe the lesson as thought provoking would be an understatement.

“Racism is pointless. It makes the person feel bad and it doesn’t make the other person feel any better” (P6)

“I can’t believe some people think like this.” (P7)

“Being a diverse school is great as we are all different and we all have different things to offer.” (P7)

For those who have not caught the episode just click here – it is definitely worth a watch!