LEARNING JOURNALS: A reminder that the Learning Journal profiles for those children leaving us will begin to be removed from 14th July. Instructions on how to download a PDF version can be found by clicking here.

End Of Year Round-Up!

Well what an exciting but emotional end to the year we had.


During the final P7 Show, there were awards for three people. The Pupils’ Pupil award went to Niamh Fyffe and was voted for by the rest of the P7 Children. The Headteacher’s Awards went to Charlie Spence and Julia Zawislak.

Another award which was announced at our Church Service was the Jack Anderson Award. The community clearly remembers the events of October 2006 well, when Jack Anderson was knocked down on his way home from school. Jack was described as a gentle and kind boy who is remembered fondly. Just like Jack, the recipient of this years award gives everything 100% and is always smiling – see below…


After many years at Carrick Knowe, Mrs Bruce and Mrs Moffat officially retired on Friday and called an end to their time at CK – and also to teaching!

We wish them both a very long, exciting and happy retirement and the staff produced this video to help them on their way…

Other Goodbyes

We also said goodbye to Mr Malone and Mr Hay on Friday after two years at CK too. We thank them both for all of their hard work over this time and wish them all best.

Mrs Cooper from the Nursery will also be leaving us however she has assured us she will be coming back following her maternity leave!

Primary 7s

And then we said goodbye to our Primary 7s. What an incredible year it has been for them and a very busy last two weeks. They had their P7 Quali last week followed by three days at their new High School. This week they have delivered 2 outstanding assemblies and received their yearbook and DVD as we celebrated all of their achievements over the past 7 years. They were then sent on their way with a guard of honour from the whole school as they were piped out.

A huge thank you to Ema Pruteanu for her help in taking the amazing photographs for us. You can find out more about her by going to or

Looking Forward

For everyone who is leaving Carrick Knowe we wish them all the best for the future and for everyone else who is staying, we look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday 14th August for the start of another exciting year!