End of Year Celebrations!


Every year we hand out a number of awards at the end of the year. Unfortunately, we were unable to jointly celebrate all of our sporting achievements but some teams (including our P6 footballers) were invited to come down to the school to pick up their trophies.

We were able to celebrate some of our individual winners and we have included these below:

Jack Anderson Award

“Just tries, tries, tries and gives his all in everything. Always polite and a wonderfully hard working young man!”

P7A Headteacher Award

“Never fails to put a smile on everyone’s faces! He has grown up so much in his time at CK. Everyone loves him!”

P7B Headteacher Award

“A real credit to the school. A friend to everyone, and really hard working but, more importantly, he is never afraid to be himself and do what makes him happy!”

Pupils’ Pupil Award

“Everyone in P7 chose you! This shows the positive impact you have on everyone you meet. Just a happy, smiley person with a little bit of bonkers added in!”

Goodbye P7!

EVERY member of staff wanted to shake hands with you all, hug you all and say our goodbyes face-to-face but unfortunately it’s just not possible right now. Instead we are relying on technology to do it this year and so the staff have all sent in videos wishing you the very best for the future!

One thing is for sure…
You will be the Primary 7 year group that nobody ever forgets!

Looking Forward
to Next Year

For those that have not seen them yet, please head over to the “NEW” Class Blogs where you will find a video from your new class teacher or teachers!

And finally…

We wish you all a very happy summer where hopefully you can relax and forget all about school! It has been an absolute team effort over the last 3 months and we really appreciate all the hard work and sacrifices you have had to make whilst having your children at home. But never fear…

We look forward to taking over again from Wednesday 12th August!