Digital Safety


At Carrick Knowe, we use technologies to support our everyday learning and teaching. However, we are aware that children also need to be aware of the dangers of technologies and to be aware of the best practice surrounding them.

Video Clips

Below we have uploaded several videos that we think may be helpful for both parents and children. Note that the videos have been produced externally and are aimed at different stages of the primary school.

This clip was created by ‘Child Focus’ and made as part of an e-safety awareness campaign for children aged between 4 and 8 years.

This next clip was created by CEOP – Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre. They have developed a number of resources which we use in school to keep children safe online. This first video focuses on ‘sharing information’ as well as the ‘stranger danger’ aspects of online games and chat rooms.

This next clip was also produced by CEOP and is regularly used with our older pupils to show children the importance of keeping personal information safe online as well as the real world. Our community police officer also regularly uses this video within the school.

Other Online Resources


Over the past few years, Vodafone have produced magazines about ‘digital parenting’. In more recent editions, there is guidance on the use of technologies such as mobile phones, tablets and social media. There’s also great app recommendations as well as an article on how NOT to embarrass your children on social media! The latest magazine can be viewed/downloaded using the link below:

All previous versions of this magazine as well as other useful internet safety articles can be found using the following link:


In 2017, the NSPCC teamed up with o2 to help keep children safe online and keep families up to date with all the latest technology developments. There are a number of articles that tackle different online issues such as online bullying, strangers online, inappropriate content and what to share online. Each article includes information about these issues, ways you can talk to your children, tips about ground rules and ways to manage different forms of technology. Check out the link below for more information: