Digital Safety

At Carrick Knowe, we use technologies to support our everyday learning and teaching. However, we are aware that children also need to be aware of the dangers of technologies and to be aware of the best practice surrounding them.

We also know it can be difficult to have internet safety conversations with children at home so we’ll shortly be putting some resources below to help with this.

We’ve just added lots of ‘Parent Guides’ to support you in keeping your child safe on the latest apps. There are also guides with advice on topics such as online bullying, screen time and cyber resilience.

Parent App Guides:

Parent Advice Guides:

Support from NSPCC:

In January 2019, O2 and NSPCC came to Carrick Knowe to deliver a workshop to our parents about how keep our children safe online. We’ve added some of the clips which were shown at that workshop below as these can act as a great starting point when talking about internet safety with your children. These clips may also be shown in school.


Further information can be found by:

The following leaflets and documents were also provided to us by NSPCC/O2 during their visit to the school:

How to keep your child safe online

Share Aware – Parents’ Guide

Sexting – Understanding The Risks