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SumDogWe have used this in school for a few years now and is a games based approach to practising key skills in maths. SumDog records which types of questions you need work on therefore the more you play the more accurate it will be!
Times Table ChallengeA series of times table sheets going up to 12x table. This is a SIMPLE BUT EFFECTIVE way of drilling these tables. Each page has a simple times table grid at the top then a different level one underneath. The higher the level, the more mixed up the numbers are. All the answers are available on a PowerPoint by clicking here.
Our SEAL ProgressionsSEAL is a programme we use in school from P1-P4 which focuses on key aspects of number (e.g. number bonds, backwards sequences, counting in 2s, 3s, 4s). This guide identifies the expectations at each stage. It’s quite handy to look at and say we’ll have some ‘quick, snappy’ practise of that bullet point today.
Math PlaygroundMaths games covering all areas of the curriculum as well as logic problems and number puzzles.
TopmarksA wide selection of maths games. There is a search feature if you’re looking for games related to a particular area in maths. Please note not all the games are suitable for tablets, iPads etc.
Daily 10A useful and quick to use game for all levels which lets you choose between addition, subtraction, ordering, partitioning, digit values (place value), rounding, multiplication, division, doubles, halves and fractions. You get 10 questions and a set amount of time to answer each one – great for mental maths.
P5-P7 Maths Videos (YouTube)A series of videos which explain many methods to working out common problems. E.g. formal addition, subtraction, multiplication and division strategies, empty number lines, fractions of numbers, algebra.
Numeracy Ninja WorksheetsThese focused numeracy sheets are ideal for your child to practise a specific concept. The answers are included at the bottom of the worksheets too. ‘Ninjas’ is a programme usually used in Primary 7 however can be suitable for all levels.
nrichThis website has lots of activities based around the different maths topics. The activities aim to get children thinking about and understanding problems rather just being given Qs & As.
Transum MathsA large collection of online maths activities. Games for all areas as well as physical games that can be played at home. There’s also ‘Problems of the Day’ for those developing their understandings. If learning a new times table there is a 5-day plan of activities/games to do this.
Oxford Owl Maths GamesGames, activities and worksheets to practise maths skills. There are also links to videos which provide explanations of mathematical ideas and top tips for practising maths skills. Suitable for ages 3-11.
ICT GamesFree to play maths games which (I believe) are all tablet friendly too. Games for all areas of maths and all levels.
CBeebies – NumberblocksThere are 90 episodes of this programme which focuses on a group of numbers who work together to solve problems! There are also games and quizzes on the website too.
Bedtime MathThis website has a daily maths problem for kids to do with their parents – much like a bedtime story!
Grid ClubLearning games and videos provided in a fun, interactive way (e.g. Radius of the Lost Arc). The website actually has resources which cover all areas of the curriculum.